Budgeting, Planning & Reporting: All in the cloud.

Workday Adaptive Planning Overview

Let us help you achieve your potential. 

Shearwater offers Workday Adaptive Planning because it will enable you to visualize performance, plan effectively, and monitor results.

Workday is a leader in CPM, and is built to function natively in the cloud. Furthermore, Workday Adaptive Planning offers incredibly intuitive budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards.

Workday Adaptive Planning is well suited to almost any industry imaginable. 

Whether you run a small, medium or large business, you will find that Workday Adaptive Planning can be built to match your exact needs. There is no need to worry about outgrowing Workday Adaptive Planning, as it scales perfectly as you grow your business.

Tired of conventional static Planning?

Are you looking for an alternative to static planning in Excel sheets? 

For many businesses this cumbersome, time-consuming and error-prone way of budgeting and forecasting has been the norm. With Workday Adaptive Planning, you can get real-time, innovative, and accurate budgeting and forecasting, right in the cloud.

  • Maximize Your Visibility Into Plans, Forecasts, Revenue, Expenses, and Headcount.

  • The Power to Plan Effectively, Continuously.

  • KPI Dashboards That Give Everyone Instant Insight Into the Past, Present, and Future.

  • Financial and Management Reporting That’s Incredibly Easy to Use and Always Up to Date.

Workday Adaptive Planning works for your industry.

Shearwater will help you implement and reap the rewards of Workday Adaptive Planning no matter what your industry. Please find dedicated datasheets and use-cases. Go ahead and choose for your industry-specific insights, or continue exploring this page.

Learn about the only unified planning, reporting, and analytics solution built for the cloud.

Workday Adaptive Planning

So what is Workday Adaptive Planning exactly? 

In short, it is a budgeting and forecasting solution, based in the cloud. The core functionality includes comprehensive sales planning, cash flow estimates and balance sheet forecasting. Improve the productivity of your financial teams by up to 70%, incorporating real-time revenue/expense planning & rolling forecasts to the benefit of your entire organization.

Get away from the error-prone method of emailing back and forth various Excel sheets among departments, often losing track of what data is up to date. Centralize data and metrics, be it budgets, actuals, plans, forecasts or calculations. Having everyone use the same foundation ensures smoother planning processes, that also scales perfectly with your business as it grows. Have your financial team work to create value for your business, instead of troubleshooting spreadsheets.

Create dimensions and attributes (customer, product, color etc.) and apply them in multi-dimension cube sheets, helping you with sales planning, and tailor the sheets to evaluate exactly those metrics and KPI’s that are critical for your success. As Workday Adaptive Planning relies on drag and drop, it is simple to approach, and will increase your productivity.

Concerned about accountability? Workday Adaptive Planning has a built-in workflow function, which allows managers to review and approve all changes. You can further enhance your planning process with interactive reports, data visualizations, and visual dashboards, all without having to write a single line of code.

  • The power to plan anything, anywhere, in real time.

  • Keep control of the entire process, with powerful monitoring tools.

  • Streamline and Automate the entire planning process across your organization.


- Speed up and automate the often-complicated task of consolidation. 

- With greater speed and confidence, all in the cloud.

- Increase the speed and accuracy of reporting cycles and close, by automating currency translations, reclassifications and reporting.

- Full Visibility, Anytime anywhere. All financial consolidation executes in real time, no batch uploads or slow processes running in the background. Automate intercompany eliminations, reclassifications, and allocations.

- Use the Audit trail function to easily monitor your close.

- Track when as well as who changed values or formulas by inspecting time stamps that even let you review the old data.

- Includes powerful reporting and analytics, enabling you to create dashboards that provide key variances from prior periods.

- Easily create financial reports, board packages, and narrative reports, and get results into the hands of internal and external stakeholders faster.

  • Automate consolidations, manage intercompany transactions & allocations, all in real time and across multiple systems and currencies.

  • Dramatically reduce manual processes and their inherent risks

  • Real-time status updates ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Increase transparency and strengthen compliance with Audit trail.


Create financial dashboards with built-in intelligence. Choose from a large selection of visualization options including, funnel, dial, waterfall, bubble, histogram, radar, and Pareto charts, as well as standard bar, column, gauge, area, and doughnut charts. Add scorecards to showcase variances from budgets and forecasts.

Enable collaboration and share data-driven insights across departments by simply sharing your created dashboards and comments. Configure your dashboards to highlight risks or opportunities for immediate action or consideration.  Use the built-in metric catalog to centralize financial and operational KPI’s, so decisions are made based upon the same metrics.

  • Move on from resource-heavy data visualization, no coding or programming required.

  • Hit the ground running. Drag and drop to create new charts or modify the included ones to your needs.

  • See the real-time impact of actual and budgeted data, from a single department to your entire organization.

  • Full control and personalization, make default personal dashboard customized with key charts on an individual basis.



Web-based drag-and-drop reporting. 

Enable your financial team to build analyze & share interactive management reports of high visual quality.

- Simple to build and maintain reporting options, enabling financial decision makers to act upon key metrics and KPI’s, helping them making better, more informed decisions.

- Build reports on Actual or budget data that is always up to date and 100% accurate. No mistypes, or Excel formula mistakes.

-Drill into the report to explore details behind the data, all the way down to sheet level.

  • Output reports in either PDF, HTML, or Excel.

  • Drill into individual values to understand exactly where it comes from.

  • Create “point-in-time” snapshot reports, add comments and enable collaboration.

  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality. No coding expertise required.

Connecting Workday Adaptive Planning to your ERP, CRM, and HCM Applications easily.

Simplify and Automate integration of your Workday Adaptive Planning instance across multiple data sources, directly from spreadsheets or directly integrating data from the cloud or other on-premises business apps. Always have available the most up to date data.

  • Automate the Import of virtually any data from any source.

  • Be in control, schedule import by month, day or hour. Truly on-demand.

  • Cut risks and expense, eliminating the error-prone manual data transfer.

  • Leverage the value of your data immediately, no need for waiting.

  • In short, reduce risk, reduce overhead & improve reporting speed.

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