Workday Adaptive Planning


Forecast traffic and sales, model category margins and customer demand, and perform same-store cluster analysis.


Planning for the changing world of retail

Workday Adaptive Planning gives retailers the powerful modeling, planning, and budgeting capabilities they need to meet the challenge of today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Category margin planning—Plan product revenues as well as direct and allocated costs to forecast category margins.

Inventory planning—Model customer demand to optimize supply capacity, plan turnover, and manage cashflow.

Daily/weekly sales forecasting—Forecast traffic, average transaction size, and customer spend by product and store.

Store staff planning—Plan shifts, store staffing, and employee compensation for both salaried and hourly workers.

Same-store and cluster analysis—Model store maturity, track same-store performance, and roll up and benchmark regions, cohorts, and store types.

“Workday Adaptive Planning offers us visibility into all of our key performance metrics through a single pane of glass.” 

- Group Planning & Reporting Lead for Finance Specsavers