The way you plan is broken (and it could cost you everything)

Businesses have always planned as a way to bridge what happened yesterday with what may happen tomorrow. Planning is a way to prospect for the future—a way to weigh and explore the possibilities of what might be.

But structured, methodical planning processes, codified at a time when business was more predictable, are no longer fit for today’s dynamic world.

This book is an urgent call for organizations of all shapes and sizes to adapt the way they create, plan, and execute operational strategies in response to a rapidly changing environment. It’s a rallying cry for businesses to shrug off outdated static planning processes and adopt an active planning environment that’s continuous, comprehensive, and collaborative.

Read it to discover:

  • How an active planning process turns thinking into doing

  • Why planning is transformative when everybody plans

  • Why instinct is no longer enough when prospecting your future

  • Why finance is ideally suited to orchestrate planning across the organization

  • What active planning means for sales, workforce, and project planning

  • How active planning can deliver the business agility you need to succeed

Chess Pieces