Workday Adaptive Planning


Plan staff and labor costs, forecast sales by location, model occupancy, and demand, and analyze property profitability.

Image by Shangyou Shi

Built for today’s rapidly changing hospitality industry

Restaurants and hotels are uniquely sensitive to consumer preferences. To keep up, industry leaders need a robust planning solution. That’s why successful, cutting-edge restaurants and hotels turn to Workday Adaptive Planning.

Daily/weekly sales forecasting—Forecast occupancy, traffic, revenue per available room or seat hour, average daily rate, and customer spend by location.

FlexibleSupply planning—Model occupancy and customer demand to optimize supply capacity and manage cash flow.

Property staffing—Plan shifts, staffing, and employee compensation for both salaried and hourly workers based on occupancy and footfall.

Property-level profitability—Model location maturity, benchmark, and compare regions, cohorts, and location types to assess contribution margins.

Explore models and scenarios built for hospitality organizations.