Workday Adaptive Planning

Financial Service

Plan the balance sheet, budget non-interest expenses, model funds transfer pricing, and forecast portfolio profitability.


Modern planning built for the rapidly changing banking industry

Workday Adaptive Planning gives banking organizations the power to plan, budget, and forecast the future.

Balance sheet planning—Build loan portfolio runoffs, including principals, prepayment, interest, deposits, fees, as well as new origination/deposit models so you can forecast a comprehensive balance sheet, income statement, and cashflow.

Product and branch profitability—Plan revenues and direct costs by product and branch. Allocate personnel and overhead to create product and branch P&Ls.

Non-interest expense budgeting—Plan for non-interest expense items such as salary, benefits, taxes, and facilities costs.

Workforce planning—Build branch and call center staffing models to optimize capacity; plan related benefits, bonuses, commissions, and raises.

Assets under management (AUM)—Wealth management companies can plan assets under management (AUM) and advisory fees.

Credit union membership—Credit unions can forecast member adds, retention and fees as well as instrument-level details (e.g., credit cards, car loans, and mortgages).

Funds transfer pricing—Adjust rates to determine the profitability of product lines or performance of various branches.

“With Workday Adaptive Planning, we’ve already reduced our time to see key metrics by more than 70%, and we’re able to drive more agile planning.” 

- Andrew Rosenberg, FP&A Analyst, NorthStar Financial Services Group