Workday Adaptive Planning

Business Service

Budget project expenses, plan staffing, model utilization and backlog, and track project portfolio profitability.


See why Workday works for business and professional services

Workday Adaptive Planning gives business and professional services organizations the power to plan, budget, and forecast the future.

Project planning—Forecast billable hours and revenue by project or customer. Track backlog, overrun, and percentage completion.

Empower practice leaders with self-service reporting and analysis to make better decisions faster.

Portfolio and account profitability—Segment revenues and allocate personnel and overhead to drive profitability analysis across projects and customers.

Capacity and utilization modeling—Plan staffing, billable hours, and utilization by projects, role, and region and allocate them across projects.

Sales pipeline forecasting—Track leads and opportunities to roll up weighted pipeline forecasts for revenue projections.

Workforce planning—Plan and reconcile headcount plans and skills gaps to support portfolio and geographic growth.

“For anyone still dependent on Excel spreadsheets for corporate budgeting, Workday  Adaptive Planning is the easy and smart transition to a modern cloud-based application.” 

- CFO, Cort Business, Services